Chocolate Truffles - Vegan/24 Carrot Kitchen

Chocolate Truffles – Vegan

Chocolate Truffles are a favorite treat of mine.  I don’t have them too often, but with a few ingredients and this recipe, they can be made anytime.

Cashew Cream/24 Carrot Kitchen

Cashew Cream

  Yes, it is true there have been less posts the last two months on 24 Carrot Kitchen.  It seems that time just flew by and  I have been working on other little projects. But the blog has been in my thoughts all along.  There have been some behind the scene changes on the blog… 

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Butternut Squash Adzuki Soup/24 Carrot Kitchen

Butternut Squash Aduki Soup

Wowsa – it has been cold in the Northeast!  In my opinion, to combat this, there is nothing like a warm, comforting bowl of soup.  I have my usual favorites, like the Creamless Tomato Soup, which  I made recently again.  By the way, thank you for the reader comments from those of you who have… 

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Cauliflower Soup

Here is another delicious and easy recipe to add to my soups!  I have made this several times in the past few weeks and it has been a life saver.  It seems this December in particular, our schedules have been full with activities, shopping, and everything else. With only six ingredients and everything cooking in… 

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Holiday Breakfast Ideas

Yes, the busy holiday season here.  This post will hopefully inspire you to consider some of the following recipes for your holiday breakfast ideas.  Many can be made ahead and all should work wonderfully whether you are hosting or just having a small get-together with your family.   Healthy Orange Coconut Granola – I love… 

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Peanut Butter Dog Treats/24 Carrot Kitchen

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

When working with a dog trainer recently, it was explained to me that certain treats have higher value to dogs than others.  I should mention that this wonderful trainer believes in positive gentle training and Dino is responding wonderfully.  I have noticed that these particular peanut butter dog treats I am posting about today fall… 

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DSC_0229_4015 (2)

Good Morning Oatmeal

If you are like me, you want to eat healthy, but don’t have time most mornings for elaborate, time consuming recipes.  I agree completely and created this quick basic morning oatmeal as a solution. December is here!  The mornings are getting noticeably chillier here in New England.  Although my go-to favorite healthy breakfast in the… 

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How to Seed a Pomegranate

How to Seed a Pomegranate – Fast, Easy, No Mess

Having little experience with pomegranates, but wanting to try them, I had to learn how to de-seed them.  I did a little research and tried this “under water” method and it worked very well.  The other methods that were recommended were cutting the pomegranate in half and tapping out the seeds (also known as arils)… 

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Butternut Squash Puree

The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun!  I have found it is helpful to have at least a few easy and fool-proof recipes to prepare.  This butternut squash puree has three ingredients and is delicious! This is an example of delicious does not have to be complicated.   This wonderfully easy dish can be made the… 

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